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    Dr Jan Stochl

    University Position
    Research Associate


    I serve as psychometrician and statistician. I am currently working on psychometric properties of scales used in psychiatry. I am interested in latent variable modeling - structural equation modeling, item response modeling, latent class modeling, and hierarchical modeling.

    Key Publications

    Development and external validation of the Psychosis Metabolic Risk Calculator (PsyMetRiC): a cardiometabolic risk prediction algorithm for young people with psychosis.

    Journal: Lancet Psychiatry
    E-pub date: 1 Jul 2021
    Authors: BI Perry, EF Osimo, R Upthegrove, PK Mallikarjun, J Yorke, J Stochl, J Perez, S Zammit, O Howes, PB Jones, GM Khandaker

    Creature of Habit: A self-report measure of habitual routines and automatic tendencies in everyday life.

    Journal: Pers Individ Dif
    E-pub date: 1 Oct 2017
    Authors: KD Ersche, T-V Lim, LHE Ward, TW Robbins, J Stochl


    Longitudinal association between CRP levels and risk of psychosis: a meta-analysis of population-based cohort studies.

    Journal: NPJ Schizophr
    E-pub date: 28 May 2021
    Authors: EF Osimo, L Baxter, J Stochl, BI Perry, SA Metcalf, SK Kunutsor, JA Laukkanen, MK Wium-Andersen, PB Jones, GM Khandaker

    Feeding the addiction: Narrowing of goals to habits.

    Journal: Eur Neuropsychopharmacol
    E-pub date: 1 Jan 2021
    Authors: JR Breedon, H Ziauddeen, J Stochl, KD Ersche

    Brain networks underlying vulnerability and resilience to drug addiction.

    Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
    E-pub date: 30 Jun 2020
    Authors: KD Ersche, C Meng, H Ziauddeen, J Stochl, GB Williams, ET Bullmore, TW Robbins

    Longitudinal population subgroups of CRP and risk of depression in the ALSPAC birth cohort.

    Journal: Compr Psychiatry
    E-pub date: 1 Jan 2020
    Authors: EF Osimo, J Stochl, S Zammit, G Lewis, PB Jones, GM Khandaker

    Impulsivity and compulsivity are differentially associated with automaticity and routine on the Creature of Habit Scale.

    Journal: Pers Individ Dif
    E-pub date: 1 Nov 2019
    Authors: KD Ersche, LHE Ward, T-V Lim, RJ Lumsden, SJ Sawiak, TW Robbins, J Stochl

    Longitudinal C-reactive protein (CRP) population sub-groups as predictors of depression: Findings from the ALSPAC birth cohort

    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2019
    Authors: EF Osimo, J Stochl, GM Khandaker

    The association between pubertal status and depressive symptoms and diagnoses in adolescent females: A population-based cohort study.

    Journal: PLoS One
    E-pub date: 1 Aug 2018
    Authors: G Lewis, K Ioannidis, A-L van Harmelen, S Neufeld, J Stochl, G Lewis, PB Jones, I Goodyer