Research Theme Beyond the Neuron

Dr Zofia Czosnyka

University Position
Senior Research Associate


Disturbance in cerebrospinal fluid circulation is one, but probably not the only reason for developing hydrocephalus. Physical models of CSF compensation may be identified in clinical practice. I provide a clinical service for the Hydrocephalus Clinic, consisting of CSF infusion studies and ICP monitoring. Infusion study is a unique clinical protocol where ICP is changed in a controllable manner. This produces the ideal opportunity to collect data regarding brain physiology. Past and ongoing projects include: 1. Signal processing for identification of cerebrospinal compensation 2. Analysis of cerebral autoregulation in hydrocephalus using transcarnial Doppler 3. Differences between Middle and Posterior Arteries autoregulation during mild intracranial hypertension 4. Stability of sinus pressure during infusion test in idiopathic intracranial hypertension 5. Identification of shunt functioning and overdrainage 6. Brain hysterezis 7. Distribution of PET-CBF in white matter in NPH

Key Publications