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Taking place on the second Tuesday of every month, Neurotalks are essentially a cross between Pint of Science-like talk evenings and classic society socials. The aim is simple: bring together student and early careers neuroscientists, and learn about the fantastic work being done across the broad theme of neuroscience at Cambridge. Since we span more than 30 departments, it’s easy to miss what’s going on!

Each month is themed, and two or three speakers – typically PhD students, RAs, or postdocs – are invited to share their work and its wider context. 2022/23 saw us cover Building Brains, Patterns and Pathways of Pathology; Unusual Creatures; Neurodegeneration; Brains and Machines; Sleep and Consciousness; Adaptive Brains; and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.

How does it work?

We take over the private upstairs room of the Cambridge Tap, complete with bar and food menu, and deliver science in a more fun and relaxed way than you may be used to in your department. Talks are short and snappy, aimed at a very broad neuroscience audience (we want undergrads to feel welcome, and a molecular neurobiologist may not know anything about fMRI!), and importantly, interactive. The audience can interrupt at any time, and some great discussions are sparked this way. It is a chance to ask all the weird questions you don’t want to ask in a formal seminar.

These talks are enjoyed over a pint and maybe a burger, and afterwards we stay on for a social evening. This is the easiest way to get to know fellow neuroscientists in Cambridge – join a big table, meet the speakers, or chat to the CamBRAIN committee!

As well as bringing neuroscientists together, this is a chance for young researchers to build experience at presenting in a more relaxed environment.

Neurotalks are a great opportunity to interact with early-career researchers in all fields of neuroscience. You’ll get questions from completely different scopes, challenging you to consider your research from a new point of view. All of this happens in a welcoming, encouraging and relaxed setting without judgement.Jonathan Breiter, Neurodegeneration presenter, PhD student in Chemistry
Presenting at Neurotalks was a really fun experience. The audience was friendly, curious and engaged. I got some of my favourite questions that evening!Amy Courtney, Unusual Creatures presenter, Postdoc in MRC LMB

Neurotalks are the core of what CamBRAIN is all about, so we hope to see you at one soon.

Posted on 31/08/2023