Intersubject variability and reproducibility of 15O PET studies.


Oxygen-15 positron emission tomography (15O PET) can provide important data regarding patients with head injury. We provide reference data on intersubject variability and reproducibility of cerebral blood flow (CBF), cerebral blood volume (CBV), cerebral metabolism (CMRO2) and oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) in patients and healthy controls, and explored alternative ways of assessing reproducibility within the context of a single PET study. In addition, we used independent measurements of CBF and CMRO2 to investigate the effect of mathematical correlation on the relationship between flow and metabolism. In patients, intersubject coefficients of variation (CoV) for CBF, CMRO2 and OEF were larger than in controls (32.9%+/-2.2%, 23.2%+/-2.0% and 22.5%+/-3.4% versus 13.5%+/-1.4%, 12.8%+/-1.1% and 7.3%+/-1.2%), while CoV for CBV were lower (15.2%+/-2.1% versus 22.5%+/-2.8%) (P