Research Asst/Assoc in Behavioural Neuroscience (Fixed Term)

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The Roberts lab is a behavioural neuroscience lab that investigates the prefrontal control of negative and positive emotion with an aim to understand the multi-determined nature of anxiety and depression. We use a wide range of neurobiological techniques including neuroimaging, chemogenetics, wireless recordings of cardiovascular activity, pharmacology and sophisticated cognitive testing in non-human primates. We are looking for an intellectually curious, passionate and motivated postdoc to join a highly collaborative and enthusiastic group of researchers working on a project recently funded by the Wellcome Trust. The focus of this project is the development of social and cognitive behavioural skills pre- and post puberty and their relationship to milestones of associative brain development.

The ideal post-holder will be a behavioural/cognitive neuroscientist with experience in developmental studies.

Closing Date: November 29th 2023

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Posted on 23/11/2023