SfN Awards and Prizes – Nominations are open!

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Nominations for 2024 Awards and Prizes are now open. Recognise exceptional contributors to the field of neuroscience today.

As part of SfN’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, SfN welcomes nominations of a diverse pool of award candidates. Nominations of women, scientists around the globe, and members of groups historically underrepresented in science are strongly encouraged. Your nominations help us to ensure equity in our awards and to better recognize research achievements made throughout the neuroscience community.

There are many awards celebrating women in neuroscience (listed below), most of which have a closing date of April 4th 2024, that are open to European nominations. Other SfN awards that are currently open for nomination are listed here.

The Janett Rosenberg Trubatch Career Development Award, supported by the Trubatch Family, recognises originality and creativity in research and promotes success during academic transitions prior to tenure. This award, previously known as the Career Development Award until 2011, was renamed in 2011 to honour Janett Rosenberg Trubatch.

The Bernice Grafstein Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Mentoring, supported by Bernice Grafstein, PhD, recognises individuals dedicated to women’s advancement in neuroscience through mentorship.

The Louise Hanson Marshall Special Recognition Award honours an individual who has significantly promoted the professional development of women in neuroscience through teaching, organisational leadership, public advocacy, or other efforts that are not necessarily research-related.

The Mika Salpeter Lifetime Achievement Award recognises an individual with outstanding career achievements in neuroscience who has also significantly promoted the professional advancement of women in neuroscience.

The Patricia Goldman-Rakic Hall of Honor is a posthumous award for a neuroscientist who pursued career excellence and exhibited dedication to the advancement of women in neuroscience.

Posted on 20/03/2024