Impact Funding Call: BBSRC IAA Pump-Priming Funding 2022

Image for Impact Funding Call: BBSRC IAA Pump-Priming Funding 2022

The BBSRC IAA Pump-Priming Funding Call 2022 is now open to support early-stage impact projects and knowledge exchange with users in industry, policy and third sector organisations, with a view to accelerating the translation of research outputs into impacts. Awards are up to £20,000 per application with a 6-month project start date of 9 January 2023-28 February 2023. Funding is open to PI’s employed within a University department with project proposals within the BBSRC remit. Activities which aim to impact on policy, business and third sector practice, resources and/or procedure can be funded, as well as proof-of-concept studies and/or trials, pursuit of commercialisation, for example, by developing prototypes, undertaking market validation, accessing expertise to understand the regulatory landscape etc.

To apply, visit the BBSRC IAA webpage for guidance, application forms and terms and conditions.  If you have any queries, please contact Marwah Hassan. Please also contact us if you have a potential project which does not fit the timescale or budget for this call, as there may be future funding opportunities.

Posted on 07/10/2022