Launch of the 2023 Milner Consortium Call

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The Milner Therapeutics Consortium is excited to announce its third call for research proposals, which is now open! The deadline for applications is 24th March 2023.

Our pharma partners in the Milner Therapeutics Consortium are working together with academics in Cambridge to better understand disease mechanisms and to discover and validate new therapeutic targets. These projects range from reagent sharing and 6-month pilots to 2-year postdoctoral funded collaborations and are expected to lead to joint publications with the company partners.

Are you an academic at the University, Babraham and Wellcome Sanger Institutes? Do you have an idea for a potential pre-clinical collaborative project that would benefit from industry expertise and know-how? We are looking for project proposals that could provide solutions to current challenges in the following areas, and applications from cross-disciplinary teams are encouraged:

Neuroscience – Oncology – Immunology & Inflammation – Infectious Disease – Metabolic & Cardiovascular disease – Reproductive Medicine – New technologies

Within neuroscience, there is a broad focus on neurodegenerative disorders, genetic diseases with a neurodegenerative component and repeat expansion disorders.

We are also looking for proposals involving advanced technology or disease models, and teams who are working across disciplines to apply new approaches to disease biology.

Key themes include:

Neurological disorders | UPR/proteostasis | Mitochondrial function | Lipid homeostasis | Cell senescence | Neuroinflammation | Cellular and in vivo models that are better predictive of disease

Full details of topics are available here.

In-person information session

To learn more, please register to attend our in-person information and Q&A session, taking place on 25th January at 1pm in the Lecture Theatre at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre

Contact details:

For full details, to download FAQs and an application form, please visit:

Posted on 17/01/2023