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    Dr Chloe Guillaume

    University Position
    Research Associate


    Role of morphologically and developmetally diverse dopaminergic neurons in olfactory circuit processing": The goal of the project is to uncover how axon-bearing/embryonic-born and anaxonic/adult-born dopaminergic neurons differentially contribute to olfactory processing and behaviour. This project combines cutting-edge techniques in the field of neuroscience from the cellular to the behavioural level. In fact, whole-cell patch-clamp, optogenetic and chemogenetic, as well as the use of an AutonoMouse system built by our lab, could allow us to elucidate what is the impact of the dopaminergic bulbar population as a whole, and divided in developmetally-defined subtypes, on basic olfactory performance, sensitivity and discrimination.

    Key Publications


    Cholecystokinin exerts a major control on corticostriatal synapse and motor behavior

    Journal: BioRxiv
    Year: 2022
    Authors: Chloé Guillaume, María Sáez, Blandine Castellano, Patricia Parnet, Ramon Reig, Vincent Paillé