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    Dr Dervila Glynn

    University Position
    Cambridge Neuroscience Strategic Manager


    Following on from a degree in Biotechnology, I completed a PhD in Pharmacology (Downing College) and worked for 11 years in the field of Huntington?s disease (HD). My research focused on understanding the mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration and abnormal behaviour in HD. I left the bench in December 2011 and joined Cambridge Neuroscience. Cambridge Neuroscience is an Interdisciplinary Research Centre within the University of Cambridge connecting >800 researchers across the University, who are involved with research into the nervous system. My position as Cambridge Neuroscience Strategic Manager involves working with academics from across the University to support the interdisciplinary scientific community in neuroscience. This involves workshops, seminars, facilitating introductions and external interactions, an interactive website, communications and public engagement.

    Cambridge BRAINFest


    Key Publications


    Clorgyline-mediated reversal of neurological deficits in a Complexin 2 knockout mouse.

    Journal: Hum Mol Genet
    E-pub date: 1 Sep 2010
    Authors: D Glynn, HE Gibson, MK Harte, K Reim, S Jones, GP Reynolds, AJ Morton

    Paradoxical delay in the onset of disease caused by super-long CAG repeat expansions in R6/2 mice.

    Journal: Neurobiol Dis
    E-pub date: 1 Mar 2009
    Authors: AJ Morton, D Glynn, W Leavens, Z Zheng, RLM Faull, JN Skepper, JM Wight

    Early motor development is abnormal in complexin 1 knockout mice.

    Journal: Neurobiol Dis
    E-pub date: 1 Mar 2007
    Authors: D Glynn, RJ Sizemore, AJ Morton

    Profound ataxia in complexin I knockout mice masks a complex phenotype that includes exploratory and habituation deficits.

    Journal: Hum Mol Genet
    E-pub date: 15 Aug 2005
    Authors: D Glynn, CJ Drew, K Reim, N Brose, AJ Morton

    Complexin II is essential for normal neurological function in mice.

    Journal: Hum Mol Genet
    E-pub date: 1 Oct 2003
    Authors: D Glynn, RA Bortnick, AJ Morton