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    University Position
    Visiting Scientist


    My research focuses on the regulation of adult brain cytogenesis, especilly on the biology of the subependymal zone neurogenic/gliogenic niche. I am interested in the role of components of the extracellular matrix (ECM/ such as integrins, laminins and tenascin-C), as well as of structural elements of the niche (such as ependymal cells and blood vessels) in the regulation of adult stem cell behaviour. When and how the neural stem cell transforms from a very active progenitor into a relatively quiescent cell? What is the contribution of ECM molecules in this process? How is the niche microenvironment altered when stem cells become activated in order to regenerate the neural tissue? Recently I have started exploring more intensively the oligodendrogenic properties of the subependymal zone, especially in the context of the ageing brain, as well as the potential to develop new methods to isolate neural progenitors from the niche.

    Key Publications