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    Dr Katharina Z¸hlsdorff

    University Position
    PhD student


    I am interested in the neural basis of reinforcement learning and cognitive flexibility in relation to depression and other psychiatric disorders. I use multimodal neuroimaging and behavioural datasets in my research and aim to translate findings from rodents to humans. I employ reinforcement learning and machine learning algorithms.

    Key Publications


    Computational modelling of reinforcement learning and functional neuroimaging of probabilistic reversal for dissociating compulsive behaviours in gambling and cocaine use disorders.

    Journal: BJPsych Open
    E-pub date: 11 Dec 2023
    Authors: K Zühlsdorff, J Verdejo-Román, L Clark, N Albein-Urios, C Soriano-Mas, RN Cardinal, TW Robbins, JW Dalley, A Verdejo-García, JW Kanen

    Sex-dependent effects of early life stress on reinforcement learning and limbic cortico-striatal functional connectivity.

    Journal: Neurobiol Stress
    E-pub date: 1 Jan 2023
    Authors: K Zühlsdorff, L López-Cruz, EG Dutcher, JA Jones, C Pama, S Sawiak, S Khan, AL Milton, TW Robbins, ET Bullmore, JW Dalley