Dr Peter Smielewski

University Position
Senior Research Associate


In an established environment of Clinical Neuroscience Dept large quantities of data can be captured from bed-side monitors. Using that data, continuous assessment of changing cerebrovascular haemodynamics and oxygenation is possible but requires sophisticated signal analysis. My primary research involves development of ICM+ software which encapsulates 20 years of our experience in brain monitoring gained in multiple neurosurgical and intensive care centres. It collects data from bedside monitors and produces on-line trends of parameters defined using highly configurable signal processing formulae. Using a variety of statistical charts complex information coming off the bedside monitors can be summarized in a concise fashion and presented to medical staff in a simple way that alerts them to the development of various pathological processes. The software is now installed in a number of academic centres around the world providing basis for multi-centre collaborations in brain monitoring.

Key Publications

Incidence and mechanisms of cerebral ischemia in early clinical head injury.

Journal: J Cereb Blood Flow Metab
E-pub date: 1 Feb 2004
Authors: JP Coles, TD Fryer, P Smielewski, DA Chatfield, LA Steiner, AJ Johnston, SPMJ Downey, GB Williams, F Aigbirhio, PJ Hutchinson, K Rice, TA Carpenter, JC Clark, JD Pickard, DK Menon


Critical thresholds for cerebrovascular reactivity after traumatic brain injury.

Journal: Neurocrit Care
E-pub date: 1 Apr 2012
Authors: E Sorrentino, J Diedler, M Kasprowicz, KP Budohoski, C Haubrich, P Smielewski, JG Outtrim, A Manktelow, PJ Hutchinson, JD Pickard, DK Menon, M Czosnyka