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    Dr Jenny Tillotson FRSA

    University Position
    Visiting Scientist


    This research crosses neuroscience, design, scent, biotechnology, complementary therapies and AI and combines wearable technology with biometric and connected sensors. Using aroma-based stress management strategies, anxiety can be reduced using controlled-release fragrances to alleviate stress and improve sleep. Aromas coupled with biosensors create data-driven solutions for wellbeing and preventative healthcare, informed by psychology and neurology studies that show the influence of essential oils on affective and cognitive states in humans This work presents an empowering sensory technology that emits context-dependent mood-enhancing aromas depending on biofeedback. In response to a real-time dynamic change in mood, biology, behaviour, voice analysis and sleep patterns, fragrances respond to emotional and sensory cues by using AI to learn from the user Sensors and emotionally responsive aroma emitters are embedded into clothing/jewellery/masks as a closed-loop scent intervention

    eScent FFP3 facemask

    Funded by an InnovateUK Sustainable Innovation Fund Award


  • Peter Jones
  • Key Publications

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