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    Dr Stephen Sawiak

    University Position
    Research Associate


    I am a physicist working with MRI. My primary research interest has been in morphometry, with structural imaging, diffusion tensor imaging and spectroscopy. I am particularly focussed on preclinical applications.

    Key Publications

    Over-activation of primate subgenual cingulate cortex enhances the cardiovascular, behavioral and neural responses to threat.

    Journal: Nat Commun
    E-pub date: 26 Oct 2020
    Authors: L Alexander, CM Wood, PLR Gaskin, SJ Sawiak, TD Fryer, YT Hong, L McIver, HF Clarke, AC Roberts

    Insula serotonin 2A receptor binding and gene expression contribute to serotonin transporter polymorphism anxious phenotype in primates.

    Journal: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
    E-pub date: 16 Jul 2019
    Authors: AM Santangelo, SJ Sawiak, T Fryer, Y Hong, Y Shiba, HF Clarke, PJ Riss, V Ferrari, R Tait, J Suckling, FI Aigbirhio, AC Roberts

    Fractionating Blunted Reward Processing Characteristic of Anhedonia by Over-Activating Primate Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex.

    Journal: Neuron
    E-pub date: 16 Jan 2019
    Authors: L Alexander, PLR Gaskin, SJ Sawiak, TD Fryer, YT Hong, GJ Cockcroft, HF Clarke, AC Roberts

    Orbitofrontal dopamine depletion upregulates caudate dopamine and alters behavior via changes in reinforcement sensitivity.

    Journal: J Neurosci
    E-pub date: 28 May 2014
    Authors: HF Clarke, RN Cardinal, R Rygula, YT Hong, TD Fryer, SJ Sawiak, V Ferrari, G Cockcroft, FI Aigbirhio, TW Robbins, AC Roberts


    Cortical glutamate and GABA are related to compulsive behaviour in individuals with obsessive compulsive disorder and healthy controls.

    Journal: Nat Commun
    E-pub date: 27 Jun 2023
    Authors: M Biria, P Banca, MP Healy, E Keser, SJ Sawiak, CT Rodgers, C Rua, AMFLP de Souza, AA Marzuki, A Sule, KD Ersche, TW Robbins

    Early-life stress biases responding to negative feedback and increases amygdala volume and vulnerability to later-life stress.

    Journal: Transl Psychiatry
    E-pub date: 7 Mar 2023
    Authors: EG Dutcher, L Lopez-Cruz, EAC Pama, M-E Lynall, ICR Bevers, JA Jones, S Khan, SJ Sawiak, AL Milton, MR Clatworthy, TW Robbins, ET Bullmore, JW Dalley

    Sex-dependent effects of early life stress on reinforcement learning and limbic cortico-striatal functional connectivity.

    Journal: Neurobiol Stress
    E-pub date: 1 Jan 2023
    Authors: K Zühlsdorff, L López-Cruz, EG Dutcher, JA Jones, C Pama, S Sawiak, S Khan, AL Milton, TW Robbins, ET Bullmore, JW Dalley

    Impulsivity and compulsivity are differentially associated with automaticity and routine on the Creature of Habit Scale.

    Journal: Pers Individ Dif
    E-pub date: 1 Nov 2019
    Authors: KD Ersche, LHE Ward, T-V Lim, RJ Lumsden, SJ Sawiak, TW Robbins, J Stochl

    Serotonergic, brain volume and attentional correlates of trait anxiety in primates.

    Journal: Neuropsychopharmacology
    E-pub date: 1 May 2015
    Authors: Y Mikheenko, Y Shiba, S Sawiak, K Braesicke, G Cockcroft, H Clarke, AC Roberts