Opening of the ‘Trevor Robbins Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory’

Image for Opening of the ‘Trevor Robbins Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory’

On Wednesday 28th February, a group of Cambridge Neuroscientists gathered to celebrate the opening of the Trevor Robbins Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory’ at the Department of Psychology.

Speeches, lab tours, bubbles and celebration were the order of the day to celebrate Professor Trevor Robbins CBE FMedSci FRS’ contribution to the Department of Psychology and to Cambridge Neuroscience more widely. In 2007, Cambridge Neuroscience was launched under the Co-Directorship of Trevor and Professor Alastair Compston (Clinical Neurosciences).

Trevor’s profile on the Royal Society states how his studies have determined the role of dopamine as well as other neurotransmitters, such as noradrenaline, serotonin and acetylcholine, in influencing reward, attention and arousal. He also determined regions of the brain responsible for planning, decision making and response control. He has determined the neuropsychological basis of impulsive and compulsive behaviour in addiction and other disorders and has shown (with Barry Everitt) how addiction might result from a transition of behavioural control from the ventral to the dorsal striatum of the brain.”

Trevor has received numerous awards, including the 2011 American Psychological Association Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions, jointly with Barry Everitt. In 2014, he shared the prestigious Brain Prize of the Grete Lundbeck Foundation. He is the top-ranking scientist in neuroscience in the world (, with >200,000 citations and having published more than 1000 scientific papers.

Congratulations to Trevor from all of your colleagues at Cambridge Neuroscience and it will be exciting to follow the progress of this new communal space at Psychology…quite the legacy!

Photo credit – Natalie Glasberg

Posted on 01/03/2024