Restricted Call: Apple PhD Fellowships in AI/ML 2024 (Internal deadline: Sunday 23 July 2023)

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Apple has announced the PhD Fellowships in AI/ML 2024 programme. The PhD fellowship in AI/ML was created as part of the Apple Scholars program to support the work of outstanding PhD students from around the world, who are pursuing cutting edge research in machine learning and artificial intelligence under the following themes:

What is included?

The fellowship award comprises a generous monetary gift, mentorship, and potential internship opportunities (subject to student status and relevant employment law). All monetary gifts are directed towards the nominating university and disbursed annually at the beginning of each academic year, and are conditional upon the Scholar’s full time enrolment in their program. The award of the Apple Scholar in AI/ML PhD fellowship does not represent an employer/ employee relationship between Apple and the receiving university and/or selected student.

Who is eligible?

Internal selection process:

This call will be run as a restricted call, as institutions can nominate up to three students for this fellowship. The internal selection process will be managed by the School of Technology, as delegated by the University’s Research Policy Committee.

Applicants are encouraged to read attached the nomination guidelines before applying to the internal selection process, but the guidelines should not be circulated outside the University. The password is 2024AppleScholars (case sensitive).

Students should apply directly to the School by Sunday 23 July 2023 by completing the outline application form (Raven login required). The form will automatically close at 08:00 on Monday 24 July and applications after this time will not be accepted. Each application must include the following documents, preferably combined into a single pdf:

We hope to notify all applicants of the outcome by Friday 11 August 2023. Those students nominated to be put forward to the funder will then be invited to complete a full application by 8 September 2023.

Funder deadline: 15 September 2023

NB students are permitted to apply for both the Apple PhD Fellowship in AI/ML and the Google PhD Fellowship, circulated separately. A separate application must be submitted for each scheme.

If you have any queries please write to:

Posted on 26/06/2023