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    Dr Liliana Galindo MD PhD

    University Position
    Assistant Professor


    I am an Affiliated Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, CPFT's Medical Leader in Psychosis, and a consultant psychiatrist for the Trust's CAMEO early intervention service. My research over the past decade has focused on the study and integration of altered states of mind: Psychedelic Research (and other psychoactive substances) and Early Psychosis. I am interested in studying the psychoactive effects of substances, including therapeutical use, as well as understanding their effects on the development of psychopathology. I am leading the first local clinical trial of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy with a team composed of CPFT clinicians and researchers from Cambridge University (in partnership with Cambridge University Hospitals). I co-lead locally the Psychosis Risk Outcomes NETwork (ProNET), a global effort led by Yale University to improve prevention and treatment for clinical high-risk psychosis. I co-facilitate Conversations with Experts by Experience (CEbE) sessions led by people with lived experience of mental health challenges, for researchers and PhD students studying mental health conditions.

    Proneurones, CB1-5HTA heteromers

    Key Publications