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    Dr Liliana Galindo MD PhD

    University Position


    I am a psychiatrist; my PhD was in neuroimaging in psychosis (UAB). I am a Professor Ad Honorem of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Colombia. I am interested in translational research in psychiatry, especially in psychosis, and in novel psychoactive substances. My current research covers: 1) Neuroimaging- Predictionary systems and psychosis: A study with 7T MRI technology including laminar MRI and spectroscopy 2) Molecular neurobiology - proneurons: To understand the varying impact of cannabis on cognitive performance, emotional changes and psychosis, we have studied the expression of CB1-5HT2A heteromers. We created the first Spanish human proneuron biobank (collaboration with the CIBERSAM IMIM Foundation) 3) Novel Psychoactive Substances: I am interested in harm reduction, the study of the NPS and the characterization of recreational users of drugs. I am part of the of The Loop, a UK NGO and I collaborate with Energy Control in Spain and Echele Cabeza in Colombia

    Key Publications